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Picasa is a handy and cross-platform photo management program developed by Google. Identically, WordPress is a well-known open-source blog system. Both of them are used by many users in the world. If there is a method that could make them work together will be awesome. Unfortunately, I can’t find any solution. So I decided to write one to make it possible to upload photos from Picasa to WordPress‘s media library directly.

I tried to make this easy enough for the one who may not so familiar with computer. If this is still too hard to you, please don’t be hesitate to mail me for any problem you encountered.

Here is the install instructions:

  1. Download picasa.zip. Unzip it, and put extracted files (should be 4 files) under your WordPress wp-admin directory
  2. Go to "Picasa Button Generator" to get your own Picasa button (picasa2wordpress.pbz). This generator can let you define the tooltip in your own language.
  3. Put picasa2wordpress.pbz at the root directory of  your WordPress.
  4. Type "picasa://importbutton/?url=http://your.blogs.url/picasa2wordpress.pbz" at browser’s navigation bar. Picasa will be launched and install the button automatically.
  5. After you confirm to install the "WordPress" button in Picasa, you may add it to your Picasa panel.

Here are some screenshot:


[中文版 - Traditional Chinese]




  1. 下載 picasa.zip。 解壓縮它並且將解開的4個檔案放置在WordPresswp-admin資料夾下。
  2. 前往 "Picasa Button Generator" 頁面去產生專屬您Blog的Picasa button (picasa2wordpress.pbz)。 這個頁面已經預設好繁體中文的說明,所以您只須填上您Blog的url後,按下Submit按鈕即可取得檔案。
  3. picasa2wordpress.pbz檔案放置到WordPress的跟目錄下。
  4. 在網址列輸入:"picasa://importbutton/?url=http://你的部落格網址/picasa2wordpress.pbz" 。這時Picasa會自動被啟動,並且詢問您是否安裝該按鈕,點選""後,程式便會自動將按鈕安裝置Picasa
  5. 您在配置按鈕頁面就會看到WordPress這個按鈕, 點選該按鈕按下新增後即可使用。



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    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class xmlHandler in /home/spot1374/public_html/wilzumi/wordpress/wp-admin/xmlHandler.class on line 7

    The class file is where it should be and notice it says "redeclare" instead of "declare".
    My version of WordPress is 3.3.2 Is it too new or too old?

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